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Enchanted City Rules

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Enchanted City Rules

Post by KateyRose on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:59 pm

Rules for the Enchanted City.

This part of the forum lets you make a small city of houses and shops.

Here you can :
Make a house.
Open a shop.

Now the rules :
1.Only 1 house per person. You can only have 1 house. The reason is that there will be shops in this topic too. If you are caught with 2 houses or more, your newest house(s) will be deleted without warning. If your house is missing and you only have 1 house tell me here.
2.If you are making a house, the title, there should be *name*'s house so people will know its your house. For exaply :KateyRose's House
3.You can only open 1 shop. The reason is because there will be houses too. If you want 2, you will just have to change your first one. example : You have a shop called Fairy Pets. You also want to have a shop that sells fruit. You will have to change the fairy pets shop and call if fairy pets and fruit or any other name so you can sell both of them.
4.If you want to open a shop, check if someone has already made it. If some did already make one, ask if you can help in the shop.
5. Don't do anything against the forum rules either.

I will make a list soon of all the houses and shops.

That is all..

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