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~*Heart Beats*~

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~*Heart Beats*~

Post by Jahnavi on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:18 am

As she walked down the streets she noticed that someone was following her.
His foot steps were harsh. She felt his breath at her neck.
She wouldn't want to turn around which made her walk faster.
He kept following her, through the roads, through the fields, until she reached her home.
As she walked by the gates, she turned and saw him walking straight.
She stood there starring at him, even though she couldn't see his face.
He was walking like he didn't know a thing. It felt strange for her.
But she didn't care much for that incident.

A week passed. She was again on her way back from college.
She heard the same foot steps, like he was following her again.
This time she decided to look who he was.
Before she could turn, he walked by her side and took the other curve.
This time also she missed to see his face.
She walked a long way, about 15 minutes and reached the fields.
She recognized the shirt of the guy sitting on the bench.
It was him, her eyes went to the ground.
The wind blew making her hair hide her face.
She passed by him. She realized that he was looking down rather than starring at her.

Days fell like leaves. It was a weekend.
It was late in the night, 7p.m.
She was walking through the fields, back from her friend's birthday party.
The way was all lonely. The sky was painted with stars.
The moon was peeping from behind the clouds.
She walked looking up. Unknowingly her leg caught a stone and she was to fall on the ground.
But she fell in his hands instead. He stood steadily, holding her carefully.

"Are you alright?" he asked making her go wordless.

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New Fairy/Specialist

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Re: ~*Heart Beats*~

Post by LaylaWinx on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:27 pm



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